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The love a mother has for her kid is unparalleled in the world

Being a super mother is one of the most important roles that a woman can ever play. She plays an important role in her children’s life, by caring for them, loving them, teaching them, and most essentially – always being with them. Parents are the ones who shape their child’s life, their personality, and how they mold themselves in the future.

Children grow best when they are secured and are surrounded by positive people and positive relationships, especially their parents. The early childhood period is a developmental period, in which a child learns a lot from surroundings; and this is the period that will impact their growing years.

Here comes the important role – the role of a mother – the strongest bond a child ever has with someone. This is said because a child is closest to the mother. A mother plays multiple roles in a child’s development, as a teacher of every aspect – social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and independent.

Children at an early age have synaptic networks under formation. At this stage, they are particularly receptive to human contact. The way their parents interact with them, engage them in cognitive, emotional, and social development activities at this age will define their future selves.

In early childhood, the mother’s involvement in kids’ development helps to extend the teaching beyond the classroom, which creates a positive learning score for children and promotes their better performance in school.

When a mother starts having meaningful interaction with kids, helps kids to transition and develop their skills, communications, and understanding. Mothers’ encouragement to provide a child extra affection will boost their confidence in later life, as it gives a child assurance that their mother has their back.

Becoming a mother changes a woman’s life completely, including their lifestyle. Right from the day of conceiving, they undergo different types of challenges and surprises. They knowingly or unknowingly do a lot of things for their child. But the most crucial age is early childhood i.e. age between 0-5 years. At this age, the responsibilities of a mother can be noted as below:

  1. Building a strong bond with child:

Right from the womb, a mother starts building her connection with her child. She is the first one with whom the child connects. The bond built in the initial months and years deeply impacts children at a later age. It reflects the social and emotional setting of a child in later years.

  1. Providing a proper environment for the right environment:

Giving a child proper space for movements, creativity, play, and other developmental activities; are the responsibilities of a mother. This helps in the future mental and emotional health of a child in later years.

  1. Behavioral development of the child:

How to behave with elderly people, outside the house, and other manners are molded by mother. This shapes the personality of a child. Mother knows the child more than anyone else, and she recognizes what’s going inside the child just by hearing his voice.

  1. Inculcate trust and security:

A mother can teach their little one whom to trust and how to become trustworthy. Trustworthiness is one of the important aspects of one’s personality. Once this is understood by the child, she can be confident and emotionally secure.

This is developed, as she is always around children when they need it and helps them become better. Their unconditional love and support will help improve them as strong personalities in later life.

  1. Family bonding:

A mother shows the importance of the family as she is the backbone and holds everyone together. Having meals together and encouraging kids to spend time with family members are important characteristics to be imbibed in a child.

  1. Be kind, loving, and caring:

The child learns what he observes. So when a mother is kind, loving, and caring in daily life, it will automatically teach the kid to grow the same. The behavior of a mom towards her baby has a lasting impact on their development, not only as a child but also after they grow up.

  1. Being thoughtful and sensitive:

When a proper response is given to a child after knowing properly what the child is thinking of, the child grows up to be a sensitive person. In later life, they will be able to understand another person’s perspective, which is very important for maintaining relationships.

  1. Positive attitude:

As a mother is soft and positively handles things, it teaches the child that no matter how tough life is, it can be handled in a better way. Also discussing problems and ways of tackling enhances the problem-solving capabilities of children.

  1. Importance of routine and discipline in life:

As the mother has to look over different tasks at home, she tries to maintain a routine that is necessary to complete all of them. So if she teaches her child the same in the early days, it conveys the message that things can be managed easily and comfortably by following a routine.

  1. Hard Work:

Seeing mother work for the day, and getting tired at the end of the day, lights up the importance of hard work in the child. Also, if a mother explains her satisfaction of completing all the tasks at the end of the day, teaches the kid the same.

From above, it is clear that a mother is the support system that helps a child grow and improve, throughout life. The role of a mother influences a child’s overall personality, development, and wellbeing.

The way a child grows up becomes the reflection of parents. The soft side of their personality is depicted by their mother, due to their immense care and concern.

As a mother is supporting a child, we are supporting all those mothers to achieve a properly nourished child. We at DoyaCare provide postnatal care at home.

We have a delicately designed healthcare system for both mother and child, which will help in relieving stress and establish a healthy environment, naturally.

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