Ayurveda and Yoga Importance to Maternal and Child Health

Children are the future of civilization. A robust and healthy child is the foundation of a healthy society. It goes without saying that the traditional healing system is self-explanatory.

Most of us have been compelled to put our best foot forward for the children in our life, whether we have had the honor of raising them or are simply privileged to know and love them.

Ayurveda, being an art and science of living, contains a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to both children and adults. We hope that this resource will assist you in applying some of Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom to your children in order to support their robust health.

We’ll begin with some basic tools to assist you grasp the Ayurvedic approach as it relates to children. We’ll also touch on a few points that are very significant in the lives of youngsters.

However, please understand that this resource is not intended to replace or override the value of a skilled team of health professionals, and we will not attempt to diagnose any specific health issues. We hope you enjoy the journey and find the information useful.

Ayurveda is a unique medical system in that it does not prescribe one-size-fits-all treatments, but rather acknowledges and celebrates the uniqueness of each person. One of Ayurveda’s central ideas is that each of us is born with a unique constitution—a unique combination of vata, pitta, and kapha—that is absolutely unique to us.

If you’re unfamiliar with the doshas, here’s a quick primer. Vata influences respiration, the pulsation of the heart, general muscular movement, nerve impulses, sensory perception, communication, and our potential to experience flexibility, joy, and broad consciousness.

Pitta governs hunger, digestion, absorption, assimilation, intelligence, charisma, daring, and ambition; it is the energy of fire and water, digestion, and transformation.

And kapha oversees sustenance, development, lubrication, regeneration, fluid balance, fat regulation, strength, stamina, memory, and our ability to feel compassion and contentment; it is the energy of water and soil, structure and cohesion, grounding and stability. All three doshas are present in every child’s physique. We’re all guilty of it. Individuals, on the other hand, have varying quantities of each, and most of us are prominent in one or two of them.

Health and wellness are inextricably linked to a person’s way of life. Lifestyle refers to how individuals live, and it has a significant impact on an individual’s health or illness state. It is advisable to build a healthy lifestyle in early childhood because one’s lifestyle is formed early in life. A person’s lifestyle is influenced by a variety of things. The incidence of undernutrition among the poor and obesity in the wealthy is determined by economic status.

The population’s eating preferences are dictated by the society’s cultural values. Personal habits such as smoking and drunkenness dictate the occurrence of heart disease and liver cirrhosis, whereas sedentary lifestyle is a key risk factor for coronary artery disease. A healthy lifestyle includes things like exercise, a balanced diet, rest, and relaxation.

Yoga is the ideal health and wellness module since it is both thorough and holistic.

Yogic principles aid in the strengthening and development of positive health, allowing us to better endure stress. This Yogic “health insurance” was obtained by regulating stress perception, optimising stress reactions, and successfully releasing pent-up tension through the practise of diverse Yogic practises. Yoga is a holistic and integrative science of life that addresses an individual’s and society’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Yoga of all hues and colours is thought to be a panacea for living a meaningful life. It is a worthy practise for individuals of all religions, ethnicities, and nationalities because of its focus on total health, both individual and social. Currently, millions of people all around the world benefit from the practice of Yoga, which has been preserved and promoted by great recognized Yoga Masters from ancient times to the present.

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