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Hello there, you beautiful Mother! I guess the reason you are reading this is that you are feeling extremely drained of everything for everyone else. Again an entire day went past, and you didn’t get to do one thing for yourself. Everyone needs you to be a good Mom, a Perfect Wife, the best Daughter-in-law, and many more roles.

This could be a lot on you, and you feel the same, don’t you?

You can be number one for everyone, but are you the same for yourself?

Are you happy being not yourself for some time in 24 hours?

Are you even satisfied with yourself?

What I feel is, making yourself number one is extremely important. Standing for yourself and putting on top of the priority list each day is necessary. As a mom, you have a handful of to-do tasks, which are to be completed in a day, and also, you should be best at it. Your self-care routine, good health, and happiness are neglected or negotiated by you itself. But, don’t do that. You for yourself have to be number one.

When a mother brings her child into this world, she has to take the entire responsibility of the new one. The child is helpless and needs lots of love and protection from the one, whom the child is bonded, very closely – their Mom! It is an overwhelming moment for every parent, and soon, life keeps revolving around the children, rather than themselves. And thus, they become unresponsive towards themselves and start taking care of all those around them and prioritizing other’s needs above their own.

Society says, “Mom can do it all”, keeps pushing a mother to her limits even when they are burnt out and exhausted. They are puzzled and under the pressure of handling child, home-making responsibilities while also having a handful of jobs. Everything else besides this feels like a waste of time is breaking social rules. And if anything doesn’t meet its standards mothers start feeling guilty, like they are falling short.

The truth is, moms aren’t robots to work 24×7, and still feel active for the next day. No matter how hard they try to be the best, something has to be imperfect. A robot can work non-stop, but a human – which a mom is, needs rest. Which is not possible if you think it isn’t. Sometimes it’s important to take a break, reboot yourself and come back with much more energy.

Moreover, it’s not necessary to avoid your family’s needs and prioritize yourself. Mindfulness can be practiced by borrowing a few minutes in a day, which helps to stay grounded and calm, also creating space for yourself that rejuvenates energy and helps to be the best mom you can ever be. When you will feel yourself in front of others, you will get a feeling of happiness, which will be passed on to your child; and the cycle will continue. But the main thing is, keeping yourself happy.

Motherhood zaps energy and makes feel exhausted as deprivation from daily sleep, which reduces to just a few hours in a day. It takes a lot to get back to normal and the strength of the brain to work properly with a good temperament. But, when you become a mother, you learn to be less self-centered, making sacrifices for others’ good. And the key is, let not motherhood keep you from becoming who you are.

✓ Start taking care of yourself. You are at your best when your health is preserved. Ignorance in this case isn’t happening to anyone around you. If you want to give your kids the best, you need to be at your best primer.

✓ Make simple goals on how you want your days to be, a lunch with friends, a movie with your partner, or anything else. Just note it down and see when you can make these things happen. This will bring you satisfaction and happiness. It will refresh your mind.

✓ Some days it’s good to reflect on how your life is going and in which direction. Do you need some change? Or are you happy with everything? All this has to be thought of when it comes to emotional wellbeing. Take time in a week and just reflect, give yourself a chance to see what’s happening to you.

✓ Doing something you love should be at the top of your bucket list. This reconnection will help you define who you are, and learn to savor life again.

✓ Connecting with friends can prove to be the best medicine for rediscovering who you are. That revival of memories, those chats over coffee, can help you get a good break from daily chaos.

To summarize, there is no doubt that motherhood changes life but you must also redefine who you are despite all the responsibilities that come with being a mum. It is not about the pursuit of being a good mum and robbing the importance of being kind to yourself.

It is essentially important to prioritize your needs right up there with every other commitment. Making yourself happy you will be giving kids a spouse of a wonderful gift – a woman who not only likes who she is but also knows herself well enough to respect what she needs from life.

Want a guide who helps you in this transition from being mum to being yourself?

DoyaCare is the right choice for you. We have trained professionals and experienced caregivers who will help you at every stage of change – a beautiful change to be yourself and also handle your family without negotiating anyone’s happiness. As you know, time is everything. Today you have a chance to be who you are and also be a good mom. And balance is all you need. We are here to help you always with a team of excellent caregivers.

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