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For your children, quality and comfort are essential.  

You have gone through labor, delivery, and lots of physical and mental strain. Now finally it’s time to go home and give a warm welcome to your child. That happiness is worth stars. But, due to the activities of the past few days, you might feel overwhelmed and exhausted. This is the time where you need help at every stage on how to take care of your child, babysit the child, feedings, and other stuff.

The facility where you gave birth may have feeding specialists, do visit them to get proper guidelines. Further, nurses may help you show how to hold, burp, change and care for your child. Besides this, you may need in-home help or want to hire a baby nurse to help you for a short time after delivery. Relatives and friends are often ready to help and even if you disagree on certain things, you might get help. But if you feel too much restlessness by having guests at your home, limit the visits per day.

If this is your first time handling a baby, you need to take care of their fragility. So for that, you need to know a few basics, mentioned below;

  1. Anytime before handling your child, wash your hands or use sanitizer. This is because newborns don’t have strong immunity, so it may risk you by infecting them. Also, make sure everyone else handling your child is clean hands.

  2. Always support your baby’s neck and head while carrying your baby upright or laying down your child.

  3. Don’t shake your infant during play or in frustration. This may cause bleeding in the brain and even death. In case you want your child to wake up, do not shake him. Rather, tickle your child’s feet or blow gently on a cheek.

  4. While carrying your child in a carrier, stroller, or car seat, make sure that they are fastened securely and limit any activity that could be too rough or bouncy.

  5. Always remember, your newborn is not ready to be thrown in the air or jiggled on the knee. So do not play rough with your child.

Looking into the earliest days of birth, you try to form a special bond with your child, and that’s the most pleasurable moment of infant care. The physical connection contributes to the emotional connection. This attachment will contribute to their emotional growth, which also affects their development in other areas of physical growth.

Children thrive to have parents who are completely into them and love them unconditionally – which parents do. So do love them and make them feel the same.

Infant massage is the best way to receive a baby’s response. Certain types of massages help in enhancing the bonding, growth, and development of a child. You might ask your doctor which massages to prefer or watch a knowledgeable video. However, be careful while massaging – be gentle and don’t do strong massaging as done to adults.

Babies are attracted to vocal sounds like talking, babbling, singing, and cooing. They might even love to listen to music. It is a good way to stimulate babies’ listening as they respond by rattling around. If your child is a little fussy, try singing or reading poetry and nursery rhymes and side by side rock your child in a chair.

If you want to soothe your baby, swaddling works best. Proper swaddling keeps the baby’s arms close to the body and allows moments of legs. It gives them a feeling of comfort and security and also keeps the baby warm. You may learn this technique either from elder people at home or your doctor.

As a new parent, you might feel that your child needs you every minute of the day, but the fact is your child sleeps almost 16 hours and more. They wake up every 2-4 hours as their digestive system is so small and needs to be nourished every few hours. And also, they tend to develop their own sleep cycles over a period of time.

All you get to do is to feed them whenever they need to be fed and don’t try to schedule feeding timings. Let your child decide when it’s hungry.

Want to know more in detail, or share your concerns regarding your child with experts? DoyaCare is here for you. We have a team of professional counselors who will help you care for your child and if your child isn’t responding to your care, all things are to be changed. We also have experienced caregivers who will help you with breastfeeding, making children happy, swaddling, establishing connections, and other works.

Our Take

Request a referral from your doctor. Finding help for an emotional wellness issue can also help you with your care. Ascertain that you are in the care of Safe Hands.

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