Parenting Tips
Here are some parenting tips to help you feel more fulfilled as a parent.


Here are some parenting tips to help you feel more fulfilled as parents.

  • How to Increase Your Child’s Self-Esteem
  • Set limits and be consistent with your discipline with your children.
  • Make Time for Your Kids
  • Make Communication a Priority
  • Demonstrate Your Unconditional Love
  • As a parent, be aware of your needs and limitations.

Parenting is considered one of the tedious tasks. Right from the day one conceives, their life starts getting tricky. The joy of having your blood in the world is wordless. You start preparing yourself for the practical world of parenting, with huge lists of what all you will need at which stage, as books give you a bunch of information on that.

“I’ll give my child a healthy lifestyle”

“I’ll never treat my child as I was treated”

“I’ll sit and solve school homework with my child”

The list keeps going on and on; but is the reality the same?

You might want the best of best for your kids, same as shown in movies – with respect, love, care, good habits, gentle behavior, etc. but, when it comes to reality, it’s not the same; as you can never be ready for the emotional side of parenting. You can never be prepared for how you can love someone, such that your heart may explode. You can never be prepared for how honored you might feel as a parent, and also how frustrated you can be at someone and still let go and forgive.

The parental feeling is different from any other feeling in the world and is the most precious one. When a woman conceives, a human being born within her, itself comes with lots of surprises.

The cravings, mood swings, body changes, relationship changes, and everything around becomes different. With all these changes, having a healthy diet and good sleep hygiene becomes essential, as it’s the only thing on which the newborn is nourished.

Again, feeling happy is not always possible, there will be many downsides, but still, the one living inside is yet to come, and that feeling keeps pushing parents forward.


They ask, “How does it feel to have a baby?”


And responses can never suffice the feeling when you become parents. But, on the other hand, it becomes difficult for them to nurture their kids and mold them into good personalities.

This is because the expectations set for parenting go too high. Sometimes, it’s just because they feel the pressure of becoming the best, or it can be because social media makes it look easy; but in reality, nobody talks about how it actually is.


It’s said that never to preach anything negative in front of a mother-to-be. This is because it disturbs their mental state. Besides virtual reality, a woman should know the real reality of parenting. If this is the case, tiredness is talked about the most, but until you experience absolute exhaustion for yourself, both mentally and physically, you can’t fully understand what it is like.


The curtains of reality open up, is just how much your life changes. You know that it will change and you might be prepared for the same, but unless it happens, you don’t properly appreciate just how much it will alter. The great sense of responsibility captivates your life and makes you realize that everything that you do from now on has to fit around that little being, who has captured the entire place within your heart and is permanently fixed there.


This big responsibility may make you feel overwhelmed and also can be consuming. To make your child happy, you become the clown of a circus, juggling lots of balls, trying to do everything and be everything to everyone, but it’s always hard to fulfill it all. While the responsibilities are overwhelming, parenting may leave you feeling underwhelmed as well.

Life can turn monotonous, extremely boring, and lonely and you may feel your identity is lost, and it leads you to crave for your old life. Both these feelings can occur simultaneously (being overwhelmed and underwhelmed) and make you feel you are failing. This can put unnecessary pressure on you and enter a vicious cycle of piling on the pressure to succeed and then failing because you have already piled on too much pressure.


To overcome this, it is important to admit defeat, and ask for help when you need it, and remember that no parents find it easy all the time. It’s also necessary for you to know that whatever you are feeling is completely fine, and doesn’t mean you are a bad parent and don’t love your child or appreciate it. To say in a line, accepting and embracing new reality and adjusting to the expectations accordingly will make the parental life easier.


But the best side is, being a parent is one of the most fulfilling tasks one can ever take on. It is the privilege of watching your own blood grow strong as an independent adult. This journey starts the day when the child is born and never ends.

Parenting itself is subject to changing fads, and the job of a parent is to provide for the child, ensure their safety, influence their personal and academic growth, create a loving, caring, and nurturing home for them, shape their strengths and personalities. It’s a job that requires ample patience and strength.


There is no definition of a perfect parent. It’s the balance of pass and fails that results in the parenting life. All you need to know is, what you need for your child, their health, and a good life. Not only your child’s life but your life; which should be balanced and lived in a happy way. 

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To be a parent
Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks.

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