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BABY ESSENTIALS: The baby is finally at home, and home is filled with happiness. Oh, dear parents, you have been waiting so long for this day and you have planned futures for your child. But wait. Have you filled your home with baby essentials? Your child needs you and cares about some important stuff like clothes, socks, hats, etc. Do you have a list of what all things you will need after delivery? Well, if not; I have one for you.

✓ Nappies and Diapers:

Infants need their nappies changed 10-12 times a day. So, always have stock ready of nappies for at least a few days. Using cotton nappies is a good idea, so have one packet of disposable diapers handy. Most of the parents find diapers convenient for the nighttime and when they go out with their baby.

Some families may also of nap is made of old sarees for old cotton bed sheets for initial 40 days. Today, there are many types of cotton nappies available in the market which you can choose as your preference – drawstring or Velcro.

✓ Baby clothes:

Choose baby clothes according to the season so as to keep the baby comfy and warm. In summer opt for cotton clothes, in rainy go for some warm clothes and in winter go for soft woolen clothes. Prefer the dresses in such a way that there won’t be any difficulty in changing nappies.

Those may be zipped clothes at the front, or if you want to go for leggings, go for stretching and elastic waistbands that easily fit over the baby’s diapers and belly.

✓ Nappy liners:

In case your child has bowel movements while wearing diapers, you can go for nappy liners. Those absorb most of the poop such that diapers aren’t ruined. Later, you can change just the liner and not the entire diaper. You may also opt for using cotton cloths that are washable or flushable or disposable liners.

✓ Baby wipes:

You can make this at home by using cotton and warm water or buying it from the market. These are used to clean the lower side while changing nappies.

✓ Changing mat:

Changing mat is a protective plastic sheet that you can place on your bed as and when needed. It will save your mattress from spoiling from baby’s poop or urine when diapers are not on.

✓ Pair of cotton socks and cotton hats:

These pairs of socks and hats are useful in all seasons. In summer this will prevent their scalp and feet from drying and in winter it will keep their body warm. These are very good to regulate the body temperature of a newborn, and cotton makes them less irritable.

✓ Small bibs:

While burping, babies bring up milk. So to avoid spoiling clothes, these bibs can be used which can be changed easily.

✓ Small hand towels, muslin squares, or napkins:

Your baby needs to burp after every feed and will bring up milk. So you can use these napkins by keeping them in your lap or shoulder to avoid spoils by baby burps. Moreover, it can also be used when your baby is mopping up dribbles and other inevitable baby possets and can provide a soft surface to rest the baby’s head.

✓ Baby washing powder or detergent:

As the skin of a baby is sensitive, go for mild baby washing powder to wash the baby’s clothes.

✓ A cot, crib, or cradle:

This is important in the initial 6 months after birth for the baby to sleep comfortably without falling on the floor. Keep it in the same room in which you sleep.

✓ Swaddling blankets or sheets:

Babies like being swaddled or bundled up, as they are in the womb for nine months. Having a few sheets made just for that purpose makes it easier. The sheets could be of cotton in hot climates and warm in a cold climates.

✓ Toiletries:

Baby soaps, shampoos, massage oils, moisturizers, and baby powder are to be used. Baby products are gentle and easy on delicate newborn baby skin. You may also need a baby nail cutter, earbuds, and a rounded comb or soft brush.

✓ Feeding bottles:

If you will feed your child in a bottle, you might need them. After every use does sterilize the bottle either in boiling water or over gas in a steam sterilizer.

✓ Toys and entertainment:

It’s good to have some soft toys, a few rattles, and musical toys ready for the baby to play with. They will be engaged and will enjoy small little stuff over and over.

So be prepared for the best phase of your life and to make it more happening, be prepared with this stuff. Your parenting will get quite easy.

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