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Being a mother is a completely different feeling. Holding on to a newborn baby is amongst the happiest moments of their lives. Being happy and satisfied after conceiving is expected by every Mother-to-be, but is not the same in all scenarios. Pregnancy is all about ups and downs, with much more complications.

Research has reported that every day almost 800 women die due to complications arising out of pregnancy, and the uncountable loss of their baby. Also, as per WHO, a woman dies every 20 minutes during pregnancy or childbirth.

And you will be shocked to read that, this is mostly due to inadequate or poor prenatal (before giving birth) and postnatal (after giving birth) care, and lack of awareness of what women need during pregnancy.

The causes of such a high mortality rate are preventable and treatable like – severe bleeding after giving birth, infections after childbirth, high blood pressure during pregnancy, complications from delivery, and unsafe abortions. These complications are all due to the lack of prenatal and postnatal care that a woman and child require to attain better health.

A mother needs to have an understanding of their bodies and encourage them to make decisions about their body and health. This will lead to a safe and healthy journey from conception to birth-giving.

A woman should be mentally and physically prepared for pregnancy and childbirth, capable of handling the changes brought on in the process, and proper prenatal and postnatal care.

According to WHO, every woman has to have at least four prenatal attendance and have access to iron and folic acid supplements for at least 100 days along with two tetanus shots and vitamins and calcium to maintain proper physical health to prepare herself for childbirth. The prenatal visits provide an opportunity to detect and prevent adverse effects during birth.

Further, after childbirth, women’s bodies change such that they experience low levels of iron and Calcium. Thus, postnatal care includes access to iron, calcium, a vitamin-enriched diet as well as a supplement for a speedy recovery. This is necessary for both mother and child, as the child is nourished by the mother.

If these facilities are not available there are high chances and risk of not only miscarriages but also death. This is mostly seen in rural areas where women are deprived of healthcare facilities and lack awareness regarding women’s health.

Care during pregnancy is more focused, but care after partum is also necessary. The duration of six-eight weeks after giving birth is essential for women. During this time, women undergo many physical and emotional changes, as she learns how to take care of a newborn. After postpartum, a woman needs proper rest, nutrition, and vaginal care.

Rest is important as it helps women to rebuild their strength. Thus, it becomes essential to get proper sleep (sleep when the baby sleeps), allowing someone else to feed the baby while the mother sleeps; can be some things to be done.

Next is getting proper nutrition is essential due to the changes that occur during pregnancy labor. Weight gain during pregnancy should be maintained as you start breastfeeding, and continue to eat healthily.

Additionally, vaginal care is necessary after postpartum as it feels sore, problems during urination, discharge of small blood clots, contractions, and frequent pain.

In the initial weeks, a new baby is too demanding, both physically and emotionally. So, to fulfill it, mothers need to take proper rest and care for themselves as they are in the recovery stage after delivery. This requires a lot of support from family members, physically and mentally, and work on better ways to improve health.

Thus, it becomes important to stay healthy as much as possible during pregnancy and after the postpartum period. Having regular checkups, and a consultant of health and diet is necessary. This is all for the safety and healthy life of both, Mother and Child.

DoyaCare offers carefully designed Maternal and Child Health Services. It is a prenatal and postnatal care service provided to pave away stress from new parents. We offer you well-trained and highly experienced caregivers during pregnancy and after childbirth.

A deep massage to a new mother to relieve emotional stress after delivery, post-operative care to ensure proper recovery of mother, helping the mother to take care of baby, postnatal exercises for newborn, and many more; are the services we provide.

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