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Mothers Play so many roles

Being a mom

Is the toughest role of life. You have got many responsibilities on your plate after giving birth. You are no more just a wife, a daughter, a Daughter-in-law, or yourself (as an individual personality); now you have got a new title that comes with countless responsibilities – A Mother. A word with lots of feeling in itself, rather than just responsibilities.  

But you know something? In the initial days when you will be adjusting with the new title, the new role, and new responsibilities; there are chances you might forget yourself. You might be overwhelmed and tired of doing those same things over and over again. You may also feel tired and immune to emotions, and your child might get affected due to a lack of your enthusiasm. Here’s where you have to start taking care of yourself.

Being adjusting for long, new timings and lack of rest, may pull away all your interest from daily work, and even from your child. Your emotions may pile up within you and might get busted unnecessarily at odd times. That’s when you have to start doing what you like. It might be for a few minutes a day, but that will help you stay stable all day.

“ME TIME”, is often regarded as a luxury that distracts you from your parenting station, but “ME TIME”, is actually very necessary and therapeutic regrouping that will return you to your parent station in peak condition. Below are some things that you can do in your “ME TIME”:

Just stay quiet:

It’s important to explore your own thoughts for a few minutes a day rather than rushing with the schedule, parenting obligations, work demands, and more. If you take out just 30 minutes of the day and allow your mind to wander and give yourself a break from prioritizing planning, it will help you to set better goals for the next day.

Moreover, just being quiet and sitting alone in a cold breeze works as a soothing therapy for your mind and soul. You can do this even when you bathe, under a warm water shower, close your eyes, and dive deep within your thoughts. This exercise will bring you internal peace and time with yourself.

Be clear with your decisions:

As a mother, you are opted to take some tough decisions and judgment calls that need careful consideration. You have to look after your child and your family, and taking those decisions instantaneously might go wrong.

If you need time just go outside, take a walk, or go for a drive, eliminate all the distractions and allow yourself to connect all the dots for which the decision is to be taken.

By doing this, the things that are truly important will become clear to you and you will be able to make the right decision.

Get your intentions right:

Me time is just to kick start your all days with full energy, same as the energy of the sun in each day. Set the alarm before anyone else wakes up and do some stretching. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit on a window and listen to the sounds of morning birds and animals, as these natural voices clear off all the distractions in your mind.

This will help you to organize your day, and fill positivity in you that your day is going to be great. When your intention for the day is great, it might certainly be the one.

✓ Be thankful for good:

In the rush hours of the day, we forget all the things that have happened really well to us. So be grateful and take some time of the day to express that same gratitude for it. Not everything goes wrong, so cherish the ones which are good. This will bring positivity to you.

✓ Stay at peace:

Being a mother, your days are filled with lots of to-do tasks and left with giving yourself nothing. Start spending just 15 minutes of the day alone with yourself, to gain inner peace which allows you to give back without feeling resentful. Being a mother itself comes with the habit of giving and not taking. So do the same with yourself. Give yourself some time and get inner peace.

✓ Plan:

You can plan your next day in your me-time. You know your kid’s interests, so take your child for a swim, play a soccer game, or play in the garden. This will allow you to get outside from the house and engage you with your child more closely.

Control your emotions:

Looking at others’ lives and demanding more from yourself, becoming numb seeing these things, are all unnecessary baggage you keep filling inside you. Mothers are more emotional, their love is endless and they always spread the word of love.

Sometimes, an occasion passes by, and you keep thinking that you could have told this to someone, or do it. So it becomes important to give your emotions time to process them. Because bundling them up isn’t helping you. Being a human, try to embrace your emotions and not hide them, until it’s time.

✓ Be resourceful:

If you are feeling guilty about taking out some me time for yourself, merge your household work with outside. Buy some groceries, or change your car oil; by this, you might get to go outside the house, something different than daily chores and also doing housework. By this, you will be multi-tasking and have no more guilty feelings.

15 minutes a day are important for you, to look into yourself, your needs, and your emotions. You are the one who matters most, as you are the only one looking after your child, home, and family. If you are not at your best, you won’t be best at your other roles as well. So afford “ME TIME” to bring out the best of you.

We at DoyaCare help you do the same, being out to the best of yourself. We have a team of counselors who will help you adjust with the new role of Mother and take out ME time, to be the best mother. We are available 24×7 for the best advice by analyzing your situation.

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