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Post-partum care for the mother is as important as that for the child. Getting superior postpartum care can protect both the new mother and baby. This care plays a vital role because they help to catch the problem in the early stages before they are allowed to escalate to dangerous proportions.

As much as prenatal care is important the necessity of medical care doesn’t end with birth. Hence it is important to obtain appropriate care services to protect the health of mother and baby.

So, what is post-partum care?

The postpartum stage is the window of the initial 6 weeks after childbirth. This is a particularly vulnerable time for both new mothers and baby which is why they need thorough medical attention in this period. It refers to new medical treatments that mother and child receive during the initial six weeks.

Further, this duration is extended to 4-6 months due to physical and emotional issues and complications. The main motive of this care is to establish and excellent health for both in this time window and also to maintain good motherhood.

While providing care there are different areas that require effective care during the postpartum period which include external, internal, and mental. Each of these requires proper maintenance to ensure that they can be restored to the conditions prior to post-partum.

  1. External care:

It includes dealing with the changes in body shape after giving birth, like issues with breastfeeding or sore nipples. It also covers healing of the scars from the C section without additional problems such as infection. Hair fall after giving birth becomes a potential problem that might be dealt with under the supervision of experts during the postpartum period.

  1. Internal care:

It deals with all the aspects of recovery that are not clearly visible on the outside. The symptoms including physical fatigue, body aches, cramps, pain, and constipation, are taken under consideration in internal care. These procedures then help to lessen our elevated symptoms by simultaneously keeping an eye on health complications, and thus, by relieving the child on mother from those illnesses.

  1. Mental care:

It is incredibly important to take care of emotions and wellbeing after the delivery. The body undergoes a strenuous period that will require both physical and mental recovery periods. There may be hormonal fluctuations in an initial period which can lead to further emotional complications like post-partum depression.

Other issues related to mental health can be anxiety, low confidence, low self-esteem, postpartum depression, which are common experiences for new mothers. So during this phase having proper mental care can help to deal with some serious issues.

Why is post-partum care necessary?

Post-partum care is important for both- mother and child as it helps to protect from various complications occurring during the initial stage after delivery. Good medical care will allow medical professionals to catch potential issues in the early stages before they can progress and become life-threatening.

Postpartum care can help new mothers that are at high risk of health complications. Studies have shown that it boosts recovery after giving birth, allowing mothers to bounce back quickly. Moreover, it satisfies all the needs of the child and mother. These services help to increase the overall enjoyment of motherhood by sharing some responsibility with others and maintaining her proper health.

The studies have also shown that it lessens fatty and feelings of exhaustion, despite the physical and mental demands of motherhood. Moreover, better postpartum care can lead to a good quality milk supply, which will improve the baby’s health create, and positive energy which will affect the baby’s growth.

Postpartum care is beyond attending the necessary medical examinations. As mothers have gained weight during their pregnancy, they opt for diet immediately after delivery. This will have a negative impact on milk supply, and make it more difficult to get back to normal after giving birth.

It becomes important to have proper nourishment rather than a diet. Further, having enough rest is an aid for recovery. Making personal time and obtaining postnatal massage in order to promote recovery and reduce stress feelings becomes essential.

If considered, you can do enough to care for yourself after giving birth, but it is important to obtain official postpartum care from a health professional as it includes a physical examination that monitors things like blood pressure, incisions from C sections, pelvic exams, and more.

Also during postpartum services, the caregiver will opt to discuss future birth control options so as to have effective control over your future. It will also allow you to discuss feelings and other queries directly with a professional, which will ease your Motherhood.

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Request a referral from your doctor. Finding help for an emotional wellness issue can also help you with your care. Ascertain that you are in the care of Safe Hands.

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