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Self Care for Moms:

Being a mom wasn’t easy for any woman who has conceived. It’s a blind road, where all the ways you go through are filled with surprises and hurdles. But one thing always remains constant – The bond between the child and parents.

Speaking of which, pregnancy days and after-delivery planning, do they go the same as expected?

The answer might probably be ‘No’.

Well, I agree with you then. As mentioned earlier, it is filled with surprises – Good and Bad.

Coming to the later phase, a mother is super occupied after giving birth. She has to look after her child, family, visitors, and everything around.

But wait, don’t you think something’s missing?

Yes! I missed you – Mother. Where are you?

You have been looking over everyone around you, but have you seen yourself?

Have you been yourself lately?

Have you had a warm water shower, long conversations with your partner, a good spa treatment, a walk away from home, or something that you love to do?

You are up every couple of hours, feed your child, take a nap, and wake up as if you had just passed. You are physically tired and emotionally disturbed and lose yourself after giving birth.

For every mother, the initial few weeks might be too intense, as a major transition and adjustment period have come for you and your family.

Moreover, being a woman, they are conditioned to prioritize caring for others over themselves, and caring for a small baby can be exhausting and all-encompassing.

When a human is overburdened with responsibilities, sometimes they get stuck and are able to do nothing good. The same goes with a mother. You need to take some break, come back with new you and energy and refreshments.

This is necessary, as you can’t pour from an empty cup. You want to be your best, give your child the best, but before that, you have to be at your best.

This comes when you are in a good state of mind and body. You need to take time for yourself – might be for a few minutes, but it’s good for everyone around.

Here are some Personal-care tips that are realistic for new moms:

  1. Wear the clothes you love: You might have preferred some loose gowns in the initial days of delivery. Now, for a change, wear the clothes you love; maybe a pair of leggings and a t-shirt could work. Super comfortable and self-adorable. You might want to stand in front of a mirror, and just adore yourself – “Wow, that’s awesome!” This will make you cherish yourself, and trust me, this doesn’t take much of your time. Get dressed every day, sign fresh clothes, and feel that freshness within, the way you used to before pregnancy.

  2. Take a shower: When your partner is around, or some relatives whom you can rely on for your baby, just sneak out and have a good 15 minutes shower. This will calm your mind, relax and deep breaths may give you freshness. Warm water on the head offers a psychological boost, so do prefer the same. After a shower, just wear the fresh clothes of your choice, and come back with freshness and fragrance within you.

  3. Take a nap: When the baby sleeps, try to take a nap. You might want to do other stuff as well, but sleeping is a must, as night sleep is hampered after childbirth. So, when the bathe by sleep in the stretch, you do the same. During small naps, you may also opt for just scrolling your social media handles or just doing some other work, depending on you.
  4. Keep exercising: Whenever your child is at its best, just do some stretching or yoga. This helps in keeping the body flexible, helps in the process of healing after postpartum, aligns the body, and relaxes the mind. You may opt for a walk in the garden, or routine exercises at home, which make you keep going and moving.

  5. Improve conversation: It is the key to most problems. Start talking to moms around you, ask them how they handled it. Talk to elders in the house, let them take care of the child during the day. Ask a partner to accompany you in some enjoyable stuff, this will maintain a healthy relationship. If you are physically or mentally troubled, just ask for help, rather than piling up on yourself.

These small steps may be helpful and are convenient for new moms. There are many more things that can be done, regarding diet, lifestyle, taking breaks, preparing to-do lists, postponing events that are possible, etc. All this can be done once you are willing to and start devoting some time for yourself.

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