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Bond Between Mom And Child

Before Delivery a Mother for the first time feels like a heaven of pleasure, that you are finally going to experience the cuteness of your blood in your hands. Before Delivery you think that you will play with them, nurture them with good food and love them a lot.

You will be having tons of plans regarding your child and will be energetic enough to accomplish them all. But let me tell you one thing, babies are unpredictable. More than half of your plans aren’t going to work.

Your neighbors and friends might have told you, it’s easy peasy to handle a newborn, you have to just feed them properly, make them sleep early, and bla bla. But is this really possible?

Let’s look at some genuine feedback from Mothers who say, “I wish I knew it earlier”.

  1. The first month after giving birth is very difficult. This is because there is a sudden transition when you bring your baby home for the first time. All things are to be adjusted according to the baby, the time of sleep, the feeding time, cleaning, and maintenance of hygiene; which happens for the first time. It gets better day by day, but the first months need lots of adjustments.
  2. The mother giving birth will be really hungry. It feels like starvation all through the day, for the first two months. This is because labor and delivery consume a lot of energy; and further feeding the child and fluctuations all around, can make a mother hungrier. So having something to snack on any time of the day is essential.
  3. The month will feel tired even if the baby sleeps well. This is because of breastfeeding and labor. The body starts getting adequate energy slowly, which is consumed during and after labor. Moreover, getting used to breastfeeding also takes time. This causes more drainage of energy and can be tiring days all for 4-5 months.
  4. When you have a child, it’s an incredibly unpredictable phase of life. So, handling children and cleaning becomes tough. It’s okay to mess around as a baby is also to be taken care of. That can be something new –an unorganized home, for new mothers.
  5. When you try to teach your newborn, and it doesn’t respond to you the same, that can be a little frustrating. Kids keep testing boundaries as they also try figuring out a new world. And teaching them can be tiring, painful, and frustrating. But this same will help you grow as better parents.
  6. It’s said that “You will love no one like you love your children”. This will be true. You will start feeling deeper than ever before, and utmost care to protect your child. Mothers are more invested in the baby than any other person, as the child feeds on her. So that love and bond grow exponentially.
  7. Making babies laugh is going to make you sound silly, sing, dance, be a joker, and will become the best part of parenting. The child’s happiness will ensure your happiness, and their laugh will be rewarding.
  8. There is no perfect time, and a mother can never be ready to become one. It’s possible that you prepare for the newborn, but you are going to raise a human, and there will be many ups and downs in that field. Becoming a good mom is an ongoing process, and being on your values is what will make your child a better person ahead.
  9. When you start breastfeeding, it will hurt a lot as the little one will latch onto cracked nipples. So, if you can, just stock up on Gel pads, which will bring relief to the pain.
  10. After birth, breastfeeding is ideal, but sometimes, it takes a while for milk to come out. So it’s necessary to have a backup of sterilized bottles prepared, for the baby to be fed on milk immediately.
  11. Wearing dressing gowns are ideal, as you will be getting too tired and sore to wear anything else. Well loose and ventilated clothes are all that you will need in the initial month after delivery.
  12. As mentioned earlier, parenthood can be tiring, you don’t have to miss madness with your partner together. It’s a bit challenging, but also satisfying when you get you’re WE time.
  13. Postnatal depression is for real, as you won’t seem kind to yourself and dedicate yourself entirely to your child. Everything that you used to do for yourself, now that all won’t happen, but still, you can give some space to yourself in order to get used to the new life. If you are satisfied, so will your baby. So give some time to yourself in a day to avoid emotional disturbances.

So, these are some of the many things that a mother needs to know before giving birth. And it’s okay to get nervous; that will help you get better.

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