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Hello new Mother! 

Do you wish to resume your job again? Maybe that’s full-time or part-time. Or do you simply need some time of the day alone, with yourself? Want to get out of home a day for some external works?

To make this happen, you need a child care facility a caretaker. But while thinking of it, you might feel anxious about leaving your child in someone else’s hand. But let me tell you a thing, you are not alone. There are many children, maybe in millions who are under the age of 5 and are under some type of child care. Additionally, studies have shown that having a good quality caretaker can have a positive impact on a child’s social behavior, emotions, and cognitive development.

But who is a good caretaker? This decision is not an easy task, which is why we need to revise some pros and cons and costs, with available options.

@ At what age does your child needs childcare?

You might opt to begin with childcare whenever you are comfortable. Some child care centers have facilities with a minimum age requirement which means they don’t accept friends until they have reached a certain age. You will have to consider their requirements and plan accordingly.

@ What are options in child care for infants?

1. Daycare center:
It is a state-licensed facility where parents have to drop off their children for half or full day which are dependent upon the child care center’s schedule option. These are school-like centers in which children are grouped by age in classrooms. Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are usually admitted.
This is good in case you have a job which is fixed for some hours. These child care centers offer a structured day for your child with time for outdoor play, learning, meals, and naps. The big plus point of these centers is that your child will be able to socialize at an early stage.
But as every child is different, and if your child needs one-on-one attention to thrive or has special needs and requirements of additional supervision, daycare centers may not be the best choice. Moreover, if you are child isn’t coming back to you like it used to be earlier, this might not be an option.

  1. Family Daycare:
    Family daycare is a home-based daycare in which an assistant or two depending upon children, comes to your home and takes care of. A plus point in this is that the warmth of a home-like environment with a smaller group of children results in good teacher-to-child interaction, along with the ability to mix age groups (siblings) together is possible. Some family care centers are flexible with schedules.
    As there is the least supervision, trusting the third person in the house is critical and also it is not possible to make all the educational requirements at home which are available in daycare centers. So in that case you might want to have a second thought.
  2. Nanny:
    A nanny is a person who looks over all the children in a family. For the family who can provide a dedicated bedroom and a bathroom, a live-in nanny is also an option. Some nannies may even help in doing housekeeping work as a part of the contract.
    This allows you one-on-one care by someone who may be able to build a good relationship with your child. Nannies are known to stay in a family for years which helps them make pond not only but child but also family members.
    Here, as you are relying just on one person which, in the case have any trouble with health, won’t be able to serve and in that case, you will need a backup. Also, they might ask for vacations and family obligations for which you will have to worry inch a backup.
  3. Relative caregiver:
    This is when a family member like mother-in-law, sister, father, or aunt, takes care of your child either at their homes or yours. It might be a dream come true to have your newborn daycare provided by a relative who is trustworthy, lovable, and nurture your child properly.
    As you know, caring for a newborn is a very demanding job. Is your relative ability to meet the needs. And moreover, if they aren’t, you aren’t allowed to be blunt as they are your family, and might ruin your relations. So if you are not comfortable in this case, you can avoid it.
  4. Babysitter:
    It is a person who takes care of your child in your home for a short period of time and gets paid per hour. They are usually high school or college students who are interested in working as a babysitter to earn extra money. Thus, their availability is limited on weekdays and is usually used on weekends. So if you can afford some time each day for your child, a babysitter might be a good option. So in this case, both you and the babysitter are able to form a bond with the child.

@ How to choose what’s best for your child?

1. How much time you are available for your child?
2. How much can you afford to pay per month?
3. How does your child need to be pampered?
4. Are you able to manage some extra person at your home?
5. Do you need childcare every day or just a few hours a week?

So, it’s entirely dependent on what are your child needs.

DoyaCare is of the many companies that provide you with what you want and how you want. We provide you with well-trained caregivers which will help you feed your child, care for them, help you in some housekeeping work, massages to baby and mother, transportation support, groceries buying, assistance to light activities at home and outdoors. It’s efficient and affordable.

Our Take

Request a referral from your doctor. Finding help for an emotional wellness issue can also help you with your care. Ascertain that you are in the care of Safe Hands.

We provide Personalized, Class Leading Care Taker Services for specialized cases like: 

  1. Normal Baby Care
  2. Twin Baby Care
  3. Premature Baby Care
  4. Low Weight Baby Care
  5. Mother Care 

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