Okay, so now it’s time to get closer to your child. You might have seen lots of videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. which are amusing, adorable, and create strong ties between children and their parents. Do you dream of establishing the same? Or better than them? Something unique? Or you gotta stay busy and rule your child the way you want?

It all depends on you and your interaction with your child. If the environment around the child is happy and loving, your child will grow up happily and will be sensitive to emotions- which the world needs today. Not like the videos that you have been watching- cute and dramatic. Kids are something different.

They understand you and try interacting in different ways. If you do the same, the bond between you and your child will grow strong and healthy. Moreover, it will have a positive impact on its behavior and cognitive aspects.

So can we say that bonding with a child is easy? Trust me, they throw a lot of tantrums which sometimes are irritating. But still, those melodrama is the thing that you will start loving after you read what’s written further.

So are you ready to have some small tricks on how you can make a healthy bond with your child?

If you do so, your parenting will get much easier than ever before. Like who doesn’t want a kid who enjoys listening to you and following you. So no matter what the age is your child, try doing this stuff and notice the results. So take a quick review;

  1. Tell them you love them:
    Every parent loves their child, but sometimes that love is lost due to family problems. So it becomes important to remind your child that you love them, that they have your back. This will build trust which is essential for a parent-child bond.
  2. Play with your family:
    This is best of all, showing children your silly side, a kid inside you. Play with dolls, balls, chess, Ludo, or whatever else your child enjoys. Show them your undivided attention towards them. This will erase the age boundaries and both you and the child will enjoy together.
  3. Nickname:
    Which child doesn’t like a nickname given by their parents? Every child has a soft corner for parents and when they listen to their nickname given to them with love, it is soothing. Even elder children like those funny names given to them.
  4. Bedtime rituals:
    This is best for parents who are working and have only nighttime with their kids. Furthermore, because bedtime is a separation of hours, a ritual such as reading them a tale or singing them asleep song makes children feel safer. Most teenagers enjoy this ritual as they get the love which they need at home itself.
  5. Teach kids about faith:
    Kids are good at what things you do are all questionable to them. So if you believe in something and do something, tell them why you do so. To instill values in all those who teach at an early age that will last a lifetime.
  6. Let your children help you:
    They say, your children do what you do. So if you are doing something in the kitchen or cleaning the house your children will copy you so let them do. Help them in doing something. This helps you teach them their mistakes and also will give you fun time together.
  7. Eat with family:
    Make it a habit. Whenever you are at home, maybe during lunchtime or dinner; the whole family will sit together and have meals. As it’s well said, “A family that eats together, stays together”.
  8. Plan a family trip:
    Every child waits for outings with family, no matter what the age is. Toddlers will see the new world, while teenagers will have comfy and enjoyable moments with family. This will open up choices of your child and also respect your child’s choices.
  9. Make children your priority:
    Children can observe your stress and also that you are not giving them enough attention. A small conversation even on hard days becomes important to make them realize they are equally important to you. Doing this will build a level of trust between you and your child.

No surprises, but small little things also matter in a homely relation. So sneak out time and be there for your child. Those are your responsibility and your family. These things will make them happy, and if they are happy, you will be the same.

Want to know more and how to get close to your child in difficult times? Have problems in connecting with your child? Or are you in a phase where you aren’t able to be there with your child? DoyaCare is here to answer all these questions. We have a team of professional counselors who will analyze your circumstances and guide you accordingly, on how you have to lead the way.

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