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After giving Birth:

You might be prepared for finally taking your baby in your arms, as these are your due dates. But sometimes, many things are happening after the child is born in the hospital. The checkup, injections, breastfeeding, stitches, and many more. Being informed about the same may make your hospital stay less unknown.

So here are some things that you should know.

  • Babies are cleaned immediately after delivery. Their nose and throat are gently suctioned, and vitamin K is injected to help with blood clots. Antibiotic ointment is applied to their eyes to prevent infections. Your baby’s footprints will be taken and an identification band will be placed on their wrists and legs (in case to avoid confusion amongst other babies).
  • Some mothers may want to hold their child immediately after delivery. In the first hour after birth, the baby is most awake and alert and this is the best time to bond with the child. It’s also the best time to start breastfeeding, which helps the mom’s uterus to contract and reduce bleeding after the delivery. When the baby is in mom’s arms, he stays warm; which is important as babies lose body heat quickly.
  • You might want to discuss how you want your first hour after delivery, with your doctor. It’s important to spend one-on-one time with your child after birth when the baby is completely healthy.
  • Post delivery of your child, you have to also deliver the placenta. It is soft with no bones, but you may feel intense cramping, as it is about one-fifth of the size of your baby. It might take 30-60 minutes to slide out completely.
  • Post delivery of the placenta, you will be injected with Pitocin mixed with other fluids which will help your uterus to contract to stop excessive bleeding. Moreover, in some cases, your uterus might be massaged externally, or nipples may be stimulated or doctors might put your child on breastfeeding.
  • Further your doctor might check your genitals for stitches. If any, they are to be repaired. A small amount of local anesthesia will be given to you during that repair. After the repair, the area is cleaned with warm water and a sanitary pad is placed under the perineal area. Mothers are helped in changing gowns and then allowed to rest under a warm blanket. If they feel hungry, they can have their light meals.
  • Some mothers opt for holding their child while some get too exhausted and want to take a rest. At this time, either the dad takes care of their child or the child is placed inside a warmer.
  • Both – Mother and Father should kiss, hold, and talk to their child. Your baby already is familiar with your voices and will be soothing for him. Mothers must try breastfeeding, as your baby will enjoy sucking. This is the best time to be with your whole family, in their comfort zone. Just forget about people waiting outside or calls to be made. Take your time, and enjoy a perfect family time.
  • If you need help with some meds, juices, or breastfeeding, you can ask nurses around. Do not hesitate to ask for help. And if you want to shower after the delivery, ask someone to be with you, because, warm water shower lowers your blood pressure and it’s normal to faint after giving birth.
  • Further, you and your baby will be checked for fitness. And the final step at the hospital is signing some papers of bills and insurances.

Step by step guidance is provided by us at DoyaCare. From getting into the hospital to postnatal care, all is being covered by us. What all things you need to take care of in your due dates, your appointments, and hospital facilities are cross-checked by our caretakers.

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Request a referral from your doctor. Finding help for an emotional wellness issue can also help you with your care. Ascertain that you are in the care of Safe Hands.

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After giving birth
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