Booster Injection to save infant life
To generate immunity, use a booster injection.

Being a parent vaccinate your child

It’s your responsibility to save your child from all the odds and protect them from any danger. You might protect them from harmful stuff, babyproofing the house and when to stay alert in shortcomings. But not all the threats for your child are visible, like usual thieves or some harmful stuff like a knife.

Here comes the importance of vaccines, which help to save your child from numerous diseases, which once had harmed or killed many children. Without vaccines, your child might be prone to serious illnesses like measles, mumps, flu, and whooping cough, which might result in disability or sometimes death.

If you want to give your child a healthy and long life, the best thing you can do is to vaccinate your child and make sure those vaccinations are given according to the recommended immunization schedule.

Why should you vaccinate your child?

Immunization can save your child from as many as 14 dangerous diseases by the age of 2. These diseases once had affected many children around the world, and today due to advanced technology and medicine, experts can eliminate those diseases and others are at extinction, just because of safe and effective vaccines. The greatest example of one such disease is Polio. This disease has caused numerous deaths and paralysis across the world, and today, just because of vaccination, there are minimal reports of Polio-affected people.

Booster injections are given to children after a long and careful review by doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals; which suggests that vaccines are harmless with no side effects in the future. Vaccines initially may cause some pain, redness, or tenderness at the site of injection, but this is minimal as compared to the pain, trauma, and discomfort your child may have from the diseases this vaccine prevents. Rest, severe infections after the vaccination are very rare, so you don’t need to worry parents. These vaccines are of greater use than possible side effects for all children across the world.

For getting vaccinated, you and your child should be fully immunized. This is because, if your child’s immunity is weak, they will be suggested to take a vaccine some days later. Any delay in vaccination may cause problems with your child. In the US, children still completing their complete vaccination doses were affected by measles and whooping cough and the number was

 around 10,000 in recent years. Amongst them, nearly 20 babies were too young to take a dose and others had some infection or allergies. Thus, to protect your child, your child should be immune to taking up doses, which will prevent diseases in your child and also prevent spread amongst your loved ones.

✓ Without any doubt, it can be said that vaccination can save your family time and money. This can be said because, when your child is vaccinated all the preventable diseases can be avoided. Knowing some of the vaccine-preventable diseases can result in prolonged disabilities and can take a financial toll because of lost time at work, medical bills, or long-term disability care.

On the other hand, getting vaccinated against these diseases is a good investment and is usually covered by insurance. Thus, it can be said that vaccination saves a lot, not today, but in the future.

Immunization can save future generations, as some diseases have been eliminated from the world that had once killed severely disabled people just a few generations ago. If we take, for example, the smallpox vaccination eradicated the disease worldwide and your child now doesn’t even have to take any shorts for smallpox because this disease no longer exists. If the same cycle continues, many diseases which are present today and children are vaccinated properly won’t be present in the future.

So, the above reasons clarify why you should be vaccinating your child on a particular schedule.

We at DoyaCare, help you with this. We set a reminder for parents who are busy, or might have chances of forgetting, schedule your vaccination and a vaccination center; if needed take your child and get vaccinated. All these facilities are provided at your doorstep. If some of your family members aren’t convinced about taking vaccines, we help you to get through them. All you have to do is just connect with us.

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